Your  cloud, hassle free, dynamic computer

The future of the Personal Computer is here.

ORBITAL is your complete Windows 10 or Linux computer  running in the Cloud. You can access it from any terminal without using your local machine’s resources.

Your old Windows or Linux machines or even a Raspberry Pi will run your system as fast as any state of the art equipment.

Get your PC ready to go in less than 24h.

Forget hardware limitations




You can run either Windows or Linux Operating Systems (MacOS coming soon).

Choose how much resources (CPU, RAM, Storage) you want to have.

We take care of everything for you. Relax and have fun.

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Run all your Machine across different platforms

Access your computer anywhere in the world from any terminal


Windows PC


Windows PC


Linux 32 and 64


Raspberry Pi


All you need is a 2Mbps connection*

We made all the bandwidth optimizations, so the connection is not a problem.

*for standard office utilization. Video and gaming may require higher bandwidth.

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Seamless experience

Working with Orbital is like having another computer on your local machine except that it runs in the Cloud and does not use your hardware’s resources.


De-clutter your computer

Applications such as mail-clients or web-browsers tend to take a lot of space and the cookies they gather slow your computer down. Now you can run them directly in the Cloud to avoid polluting your local machine. 

cpu power 2

Feel the power

You don’t need to worry about your machine’s limits to run intensive applications. It only takes a few clicks to add CPU power and RAM resources. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy.

Cross platform

Recover your previous session exactly as you left it. You can switch from one type of terminal to another, it doesn’t matter.


Virtual Disk

The Ultimate Cloud Storage Experience

Virtual disks can be connected to any computer. They will appear like a standard storage device. 

This is the perfect way to share contents between your ORBITAL Computer and other machines.

100 Mbps Speed

Your Orbital machine comes with a super-fast 100Mbps connection, so you can easily download and upload contents from/to the Internet regardless of your local bandwidth.


Only pay for what you need

Wether you require a high spec system or just a simple configuration to run work desktops, our plans are flexible so you only pay for what is necessary. 

Ecology friendly

Old PCs are not rubbish

Obsolete IT equipment create a massive amount of litter around the world, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Let’s think about the planet and make a better future for our children.

Keep on using the same computer. Just install an ORBITAL machine to give it a new life.

Security Features

Because we take security seriously



Your virtual computer is already equipped with an antivirus. Don't worry about catching one of those nasty bugs.



Your session, as well as your data, are encrypted. So, your system and your data are protected against bad hackers.



Are you fed up with cookies ? Enjoy some privacy and stop being harassed by "personalised" adds.